About the comic

Cesium Comics is a webcomic focusing on a group of physics graduate students in a fictional version of Oklahoma. It updates on Saturdays at 6 PM U.S. Central Time (23:00 GMT). All the events depicted in the comic are fictional unless specified otherwise. There is some mild profane language, primarily aimed at malfunctioning lab equipment.

About the author

I'm a graduate student in physics at OU. I prefer to use "DB" (a nickname I had as an undergrad) rather than my full name on my comic, because at some point I'm going to have to find a real job in physics, and I'd prefer my publications come up ahead of my comics if someone searches my name.



Mike is a grad student whose side projects include memorizing pi, abducting TV show hosts to force them to work in the lab, and occasionally time travel. Mike may or may not occasionally act as an author avatar.


Ashley is a new grad student just learning the ways of experimental physics. She occasionally joins in with Mike's adventures, mainly for an opportunity to make fun of him.


Chris has been a graduate student for way too long, and is anxious to finally graduate. He has little tolerance for Mike's shenanigans, and would rather just be collecting data and writing his thesis so he can leave. When he isn't in the lab, he's usually watching OU football.


Mike's roommate Dan is an electrical engineering grad student who has built Bob from a broken Macbook, scrap metal, and "borrowed" AI source code.


Bob is the robot that belongs to Mike's roommate Dan. Bob is like a pet to Dan, but is nothing but an annoyance to Mike. Mike's disassemblies of Bob have led to animosity between the two. Bob originally ran Windows ME, but was reformatted with Linux, wiping his memory in the process.