Posted January 25, 2012

So first I'm going to make an amendment to what I wrote yesterday. Thinking about it some more, it would make more sense for me to post my comics as I write them, rather than one a week, leaving (as is the case now), the possibility of more than a month passing in between when I write a comic and when I post it. So, this means that the updates of my comic will likely be more irregular, but I'll actually be posting the comics much closer to the time when I write them, and I think it may work out better that way.

Second, I should note, since it sort of comes up in comic number 3, the names of the characters at this point. I've decided the two characters introduced so far are going to be named Michael and Chris. Not that it really matters much, but writing the script for comic number 3 would have been more difficult had I tried to avoid naming anyone.

Also, in case anyone actually eventually reads this comic, I should note that the events and characters portrayed are fictional. Although I may occasionally base a comic on events that have actually occurred to me, for the most part the storylines I'm planning are entirely fictional. This will likely become a lot clearer as time goes on, but I wanted to make sure it was clear from the beginning.