Posted 12/15/2012 22:20:00

Sorry this comic is a bit late. It took me longer than I expected it would to create the Povray scene for this comic.

And, just in case anyone would ever want to put a Big Wheel into a Pov-Ray scene, here's the code that I wrote for it. It produces a Big Wheel, with front wheel size 12.

#declare bwfrontwheel=union{
      pigment{color Black}
     pigment{color Yellow}
     translate 6*y
#declare bwsidewheel=object{bwfrontwheel scale <.5,.5,2>}
#declare bwforkspoke=cylinder{0,8*y,1 pigment{color Yellow} rotate 45*z translate 6*y};
#declare bigwheel=union{
     object{bwforkspoke translate 2*z}
     object{bwforkspoke translate -2*z} 
     cylinder{2*z,-2*z,1 pigment{color Yellow} translate 8*y rotate 45*z translate 6*y}
     cylinder{0,-10*x,2 pigment{color Red} translate 8*y rotate 45*z translate 6*y}
     cylinder{0,-2*x,6 pigment{color Red} translate 4*y rotate 45*z translate 8*y translate -10*x rotate 45*z translate 6*y}
       torus{6,1. rotate 90*z} 
       plane{y,0 inverse}
       translate 14*y rotate 45*z translate 6*y
       pigment{color Yellow}
     cylinder{0,-2*x,4 translate 8*y-20*x pigment{color Blue}}
     object{bwsidewheel translate -8*z-17*x}
     object{bwsidewheel translate -8*z-17*x scale -z}
     cylinder{-4*z,4*z,.25 translate 6*y texture{Aluminum}}
     cylinder{0,-2*x,.25 translate 6*y-4*z texture{Aluminum}}
     cylinder{0,2*x,.25 translate 6*y+4*z texture{Aluminum}} 
     cylinder{-4*z,-8*z,.25 translate 6*y-2*x texture{Aluminum}}
     box{<-3,5.5,-6>,<-1,6.5,-9> pigment{color Black}}
     cylinder{4*z,8*z,.25 translate 6*y+2*x texture{Aluminum}}
     box{<3,5.5,6>,<1,6.5,9> pigment{color Black}}